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😃 Who knew sawing wood could be so satisfying_ 🌱🌱🌱 when it's for our #raisedbeds on the new #all
2015-10-13 13.38.36
Popped to the #Allotment earlier to take a #soil sample to it and heard a friendly _Hello!_ Got chat
2015-10-20 15.53.23
Edited Image 2016-02-15 21-28-52
2015-08-02 14.21.36
#Rocket growing in the October sunshine ☀️☀️☀️ the weather in the UK is just beautiful
Little #gardenhelper she loves picking and eating #flowers #plants hoping it's a sign she will grow
Loving the light shining through in this pic ✨and look at all that lovely #KALE - loved growing this
Michael happily hammering away 🔨🔨🔨 #raisedbed #raisedbeds #organicgardening #urbangardening #sust
Scrumpy keeping an eye on things #IntheNUGsGarden #Garden #Gardening #CatsofInstagram #Cats #Organic

About NUGs

We're passionate about organic gardening, sustainability and keeping things natural. By avoiding the unsustainable overuse of plastic, peat and toxic gardening products, we ensure gardening truly is the greenest hobby.

We're passionate about giving it a go! We know that gardening can seem daunting - growing your own fruit and vegetables can seem like a far-off distant dream for when you've moved to your picture-perfect cottage in the country. But we say give it a go now! Whether you have a patch of garden, roof terrace, deck or windowsill - there are plenty of things you can grow. 


We're passionate about getting kids involved too. As parents we know that you want what's best for your children and their future - learning about wildlife, where vegetables come from and how to garden sustainably are invaluable lessons for our children's future.


You can follow our eco-gardening journey through our blog and vlogs - if you want to know more just give us a shout!

Meet the NUGs

Rachel - Founder

A bit of a hippy at heart, Rachel 

dreamt of a life close to nature. When she became a mum she was determined to make a positive difference to the planet and NUGs was founded.


Gardener, musician and DIY-er. 

Michael came on board as he loves the NUGs' ethos ‘Nature’s Natural Cycle’. Having witnessed  the overuse of plastic & peat in gardening he only uses NUGs now.


Christian is not a natural urbanite hence he has turned his back garden into a mini-Herefordshire, his much-loved home county, complete with a patch of authentic Herefordian turf.

Discovering Coir


Coir, (pronounced COY-er) comes from coconuts. It is rot resistant, making it perfect for outdoor productsm and is becoming increasingly popular as a compost for potting mixes or as an organic soil enhancer. 

We love to use it for our products - coir pots, coir plugs, coir planters, coir troughs and of course coir compost. The pots can sit happily on a windowsill, patio, balcony or decking for a couple of seasons. They will just become fluffier over time.


The best thing about our coir products is that they can be planted directed into the soil, meaning no root shock for your precious plants. The coir will also feeding the soil and strengthen the plant's root as it naturally biodegrades. 


All of our pots are made by a local community in Sri Lanka. Every single pot is carefully shaped by hand, spread with natural latex and trimmed in the sun.

The NUGs Gardens

Rachel & Christian's garden started as a building site. After a little help from Farmer Dean, the soil was levelled and new lawn laid. (We know fake grass is popular but there's no substitute for the real thing).


The rather unusual brick wall was painted and turned into a growing wall, using coir troughs and steel frames that are abundant with mint, parsley, oregano, rosemary, thyme, chives, strawberries, tomatoes and courgettes throughout the summer.

Michael built his own wooden troughs and uses our Natural Wood Treatment to protect them. Last year he grew onions, carrots, garlic and beetroot in them, using an old bath to grow herbs. With the lawn taking a hit from the dog and two boys playing football Michael is most proud of his trained Fig Tree. 

Garden Before
2015-05-14 12.06.37
Fig Tree
Herb Garden
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