Our Bird Mats are brilliant. Just drop one in your garden, open the bag and let nature do the rest. You'll soon be listening to bird song.

Just take out tough perennial weeds that are in the way, level the surface, lay your mat down and thinly cover it in sand, soil or compost.

The mats are simply two layers of biodegradable tissue, bottom is slightly thicker than the top to keep those pesky weeds out, with seeds packed between. You can cut the mat to fit in any space and they're ideal for that odd sunny corner. As the plants grow, you'll see a rise in birds visiting your garden.



Seeds include: Quinoa, Corn Marigold, Linseed, White Millet, Phacelia, Purple Coneflower, Teasel, Sorrel, Salad Burnet, Knapweed and more.