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Scientists know bee populations are falling. Join the fight against bee decline with one of our buzzing bumblebee colony boxes.

The colony is made up of Buff-Tailed Bumblebees, which will keep working from early April to late August pollinating your flowers and fruits. Your colony could grow to around 350 bees over the season.

Our bee colonies come in a cardboard box which sits snugly inside a wooden box. Just make holes in in the cardboard box for the bees to get in and out and you're ready.

Unfortunately once all the flowers, pollen and nectar have gone, the bee colony will die. But don't worry, new Queens will have taken wing to hibernate through the winter and in the Spring they will begin new colonies.So, not only have you helped your garden naturally blossom and grow, you've started several new cycles of life. Oh, and helped reduce the decline of bees in your area.



You'll get a queen and 30-40 workers, which could grow to 350 bees over the season. Just punch some holes in the box and they're good to go.

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