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Looking for an alternative to peat compost? We've found the best one - Coir. A totally natural and sustainable resource, Coir is actually the husk of the coconut. You'll find we make pots and all sorts from it too.

Our bags of 20 coir compost discs are easy to use. You can simply pop them in one of our pots (10cm or 13cm), add 200ml of water (luke warm is best) and the coir compost will expand. Kids in particular love to see this happening.  Alternatively you can put the disc in a container and air the water to make up more of the compost altogether to use in your garden. 

We like to add Neem fertiliser and Seaweed granules to our coir compost - all organic, natural products.



20 coir compost discs makes apprx 20 litres. 
Comes in reusable jute bag. 

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