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Our coir plugs provide your seeds or cutting with a completely organic start in life. They come filled with natural coir compost and sat in their own coir tray for easy transport.All you have to do is take the lid off, pop your seed or cutting in, water and wait. Nature will do the rest. When any shoots come through give them a welcoming feed with neem or liquid wormcast fertiliser.

As they're free from plastic, once your sapling's ready, you can plant the entire plug straight into the ground where it will continue to strengthen your roots. The coir tray will also biodegrade but can be reused before heading onto the compost.

The coir fiber caps on our plugs are there to stop the peat-free compost from falling out. You can either chuck them on the compost or pop them back on top once the seed's in. The seed will grow through and get its own mini mulch mat.



Our small coir plugs are fantastic for most seeds and cutting but If you want plugs suitable for things like broad beans, runner beans and pumpkins, we have them too. They're around 5cm in diametre and 7.5cm deep and available in single trays of four, please select L from the drop down feature when adding to your order.

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