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Our biodegradable coir troughs are as adept at nurturing salads and herbs on a window sill inside as they are to sitting on your patio. They also fit neatly into most window boxes.

Or, plant your saplings into a coir trough you can plant directly into the ground once they're ready. The coir sides will strengthen your roots as they grow and the whole thing will have rotted away with a couple of months. It's easy peasy.

Our all-natural plant troughs are made from sustainable coir by our friends in Sri Lanka. At 50cm wide and 15cm high, they'll hold most small plants, even mini hedges. Once you've planted everything up, just pull the tie to hold it all neatly in place.

COIR TROUGHS (Packs of 3)


Made from sustainably-sourced coir, our troughs are 50cm wide and 15cm high and come in packs of 3.

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