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Instead of using oil to create plastic bags, our organic jute is grown in Sri Lanka, made into sacks, has two cotton handles added and wham, a Fill-It-With-Anything Just Bag is born.

Tired of using refuse sacks to take your grass and garden cuttings to the tip, or carrying extra weight because of a bag's water retention? Well, worry no more, because here's our Fill-It-With-Anything Jute Bag.

It's not waterproof, so its contents dry out in the sun, instead of getting soaked and smelly in the corner. It's perfect for grass cuttings, leaves and garden trimmings.

The bottom has been sprayed with latex for added protection. It should last for a season's worth of fill and once that's done, just chuck it on the compost.



You can carry it by the handles or hoist it onto your shoulder and it measures 60cm by 60cm.

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