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Michael has packed everything you need to start gardening organically into our handmade Garden Hampers. Full with nutrients and nourishment, they're perfect for urban-garden pots and borders.

The trugs are made by our friend Kevin, each handmade trug basket is a fine piece of rural craftmanship and made in rural Susses. He's one of the last trug makers in the country.

You'll also get biodegradable coir pots, coir compost discs, and 2kg of seaweed granules. There's also a 2.5kg bag of neem, which you can start sprinkling from the moment the coir compost disc has expanded with water. All this is topped off with a 75g sachet of Mycorrhiza to give your roots a boost.



Michael's Garden Hampers include:One three-gallon handmade trug12 Root-Runner coir pots in a tray with coir compost discs12 coir pots (10.75cm)2.5kg bag of Neem2kg bag of Seaweed Granules75g sachet of Mycorrhiza

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