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Our Green Start Sets are perfect for both experienced and beginner gardeners. They arrive ready to go and promise minimal mess, maximum results.

They're real easy, just pop the disc in the pot, add some warm water and hey presto. The no-fuss coir discs expand to fill each pot and give your seed or cutting a strong start in life.

This totally sustainable, organic set offers a biodegradable solution to plastic seed trays. The peat-free, coir compost discs expand with water so you can add the seed or cutting. We always suggest adding a sprinkling of neem to give them that extra boost in life.

You can then plant the coir pots directly into the soil once the time’s right, minimalising impact on your young plants.

The kit includes two types of pot. There are Green-Start seedling pots and Green-Start root runner pots, which are designed for plants requiring a long root run, like sweet peas, beans or shrub cuttings.



Our Green Start sets come in a reusable, organic jute bag. You get 12 sets of Green-Start coir root runners and six sets ofGreen-Start seedling pots, each held in a coir tray.

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