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Our Handmade Hedgehog home's are carefully made from good 2 cm thick FSC pine, raised by batons off the damp ground. It has an entrance chamber, and a separate sleeping area protected from draughts and cat’s paws, by a central wall.

The number of hedgehog sightings are decreasing - surveys show that sites where hedgehogs have been seen have declined by 40% in 10 years, and their actual numbers have gone down by over 66% in the last 13 years.

A solid, secure home where you can remove the lid over the sleeping chamber to give a bit of a Spring clean.

Including a complimentary ‘extra’ - a highly desirable fitted coir carpet in the bedroom.



The overall dimensions are 40cm long, 29cm wide and 23cm high (to apex.) Interior dimensions of each chamber is about 29cm by 12 cm wide.

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