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This does exactly what it says, treats wood for a lifetime of protection. Unlike your off-the-shelf varieties of wood treatment, which are full of harmful chemicals and toxins, this treatment is completely natural.

This totally non-toxic treatment soaks into the wood fibres, changing the structure so that it protects your chair, bench, fence or shed from rot, mould and fungal growth. Just add to water and splash on!

Once you've added it to water, simply splosh it all over the wood. It only needs one coat and there's no messy brushes, just rinse them under the hose for a few seconds and they'll be good-as-new. Lifetime Wood Treatment will slowly change the colour of unstained wood to slightly different shades as it ages. There's a slight silver in Pine, shades of brown for Fir and a reddish hue for Cedar.

As the wood begins to crack and fray with age, the fungal treatment will migrates into the holes, unlike paint. It's truly incredible stuff.



Small Packet: One Gallon (approx. 4.5 litres)
Covers: 180 sq. feet (approx. 16 sq. metres)

Large Packet: Five Gallons (approx. 22 litres)
Covers: 900 sq. feet (approx. 80 sq. metres)

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