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Our Organic Neem Powder Fertiliser comes from the seeds of this marvellous tree and is high in natural nitrogen, potassium, phosphates and sulphur compounds. 

The Neem Tree has been used in India for everything from medicine and soap to pesticide and fertiliser. That versatility is exactly why neem has been used in India for millennia. Although we think it works best as a truly organic fertiliser.

It’s also rich in limonoids Azadirachtin, Nimbin and Salinin – natural insect repellents which stops pests feeding and their larvae growing. Eelworms are particularly adverse to neem, although Earthworms love it.



Below is all the technical stuff, although as a totally organic, natural product, different batches may vary a little from the detail below.

  • Azadiractin :Min1000ppm
  • Nimbin : Min 850ppm
  • Salanin :Min 1500ppm
  • Nitrogen : Min 4%
  • Phosphorus :Min 1.5%
  • Potassium :Min 1.5%
  • PH :3.5 EC(dS/m) :2.2
  • Calcium :Min 0.7%
  • Magnesium :Min 0.5% Sodium :8(mg/Kg) Sulphate :12(mg/Kg)
  • Copper :14(mg/Kg) Iron :600(mg/kg)
  • Manganese : 22(mg/kg)
  • Zinc :54(mg/kg)
  • Silica :1.04% Sulphur :Min 1.20%
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