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We've combined handcrafted coir pots, coir compost discs and organic liquid fertiliser into the ultimate potting kit. Each coir compost disc expands with water to fill a pot, all you have to do is add your seed or cutting.

Drop the compressed coir into the pot, add around 200ml of water, wait for it to expand and drop your seed in. (We find luke warm water is best and do this on a surface you can wipe easily or in a bowl). Sowing with this kit’s as easy as that. Seeds generally carry their own nutrients but when your plant begins to form, give them an extra boost with the organic fertiliser.

The pot can be planted pot and all into a bigger pot when the time comes or directly into the ground, feeding the plant and protecting it from root shock.

Your plastic, and peat-free kit includes 10 coir pots, 10 compressed coir compost discs and 1 or 2 sachets or organic liquid wormcast fertiliser.



Small: 8cm pots
Medium: 10.75cm pots

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