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Using a wooden raised bed is a great way of instantly placing a garden where you want it. Perhaps you want your veggies and herbs next to the kitchen, or fancy using a raised bed to break up the lawn?

You can create an instant organic garden by controlling the soil used to fill your raised bed. They really easy to weed and can be used for anything, we've even seen small ponds in the middle of some. They're great for brightening up areas you would normally avoid.

Each raised bed is made from FSC-approved timber by our friends at Widemarsh Workshop in Hereford. The wood's planed for splinter-free handling 3cm.

Just tighten four bolts into each corner and your raised bed is ready to go. You can use it either way up, with legs or without depending on the surface it's going on. Flat side down for hard, flat side up for soft. In total it takes about 20 minutes to put a bed together.



Our Raised Bed Kits include:
One Raised Bed (150cm square, 30cm high, 3cm)
Two bags of Organic Biohumus Compost (20l)
Bag of Organic Biochar (3kg)
Bag of Seaweed Granules (2kg)
Bag of Neem Fertiliser (2.5kg)
Pack of Mycorrhiza (360g)

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