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A simpler way to create beautiful wildfower and kitchen gardens from seed.

No need to plant -Simply scatter these seedballs on a bare patch of soil on the ground or in a pot or trough to grow wildflowers. 


Urban Meadow: Developed in collaboration with River of Flowers (an organisation working to create urban wildflower corridors), this mix is great for pollinators and will thrive in urban environments. 

The dried clay acts as a protective casing from birds, ants, mice and other seed predators. When sufficient rain permeates the clay, the seeds inside begin to germinate - helped along by the nutrients and minerals contained within the ball. The chilli powder continues to deter predators while the seedball slowly degrades and the seeds sprout. 


Seedball -Urban Meadow


Each tin contains at least 20 seedballs.

Each ball contains between 30-150 seeds, with 20 balls per m2 needed for a good garden display, or 3-5 in a medium sized pot.

Sprouts seen from 2-6 weeks, although regular watering wil speed up this process.

100% UK made and manufactured.

Only peat-free compost used.


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