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Just throw your kitchen compost into one of our wormeries and let the worms turn it for you.

This is the only plastic thing we sell but because it's a wormery, the benefits are massive. Not only do you get nourishing and fertile compost but nine litres of liquid fertiliser you can dilute later.

Our Worm City wormery comes with a full kiolgram of worms, that can be up to 2000 of the little wrigglers. It's a mixture of Red Tiger and Dendrobaena Worms, or earthworms. Tigers eat their bodyweight in food each day, while earthworms eat half their weight but are twice the size.

Our wormeries comprise 25 litre trays which are deep enough to let worms move up and down according to temperature, a huge plus. They are the largest wormery trays we could find but handles allow for easy lifting. 

You'll also get a handy Caddy basket, a copy of Composting With Worms, a coir block and some worm food to get them started.




Our wormery pack includes:
Full assembly instructions
Apprx 1kg of worms (2000 wrigglers)
Coir block
Worm food
Composting with Worms
Caddy basket
And comes with a 5 year guarantee.

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