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Kick-Start Your Organic Season

The natural cycle of your garden's growth starts now and the first thing to do is prepare the ground.

Many herbs may be happy in poor soil but your vegetables are going to require extra nourishment to get them going - just like the kid's breakfast.

We like to prepare the soil for our growing areas adding a mix of Biohumus, Biochar, Seaweed and Neem to coir compost.

Add approx: 15% Biohumus 10% Biochar 5% Seaweed 3-5% Neem

Please remember to look for PEAT FREE compost. We simply use coir compost. Most bags of compost for sale are quite misleading, have a good read to make sure it does not contain any peat or at this rate there will be no Peat Bogs left.

Now it's our favourite time, planting time. Always add a sprinkle of Mycorrhiza around the roots and seeds and in the planting hole to give your crops and plants an extra all natural and organic boost.

We'd love to say the next phase of your growing season just requires you to sit back, put your feet up and watch your lovely plants grow but unfortunately it's not just you keeping a keen eye on your organic veggies, there are plenty of hungry pests about too! Why not try some of our natural controls to keep them at bay? Mulch mats work well particularly in raised beds, slugs hate them. We also like planting Tagetes as a natural deterrent.

Don't forget to water your young plants with our liquid wormcast fertiliser. We do it every 10 days in the early growing season.

We hope this helps you kick-start your organic season and don't forget to keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for regular tips and gardening guidance.

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