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Plant a Daffodil, pot and all!

Getting the kids involved in gardening is the main reason we started NUGs.

Becoming a Mum made me want to connect more with the natural world we live in. To show our daughter the bees and the butterflies in the garden, the flowers blooming and the vegetables growing and how we take care of them.

One activity you can do with your child now is 'Plant a Daffodil' and watch it grow together. By giving your child their own pot to look after you are empowering them. It is up to them to nurture the plant and witness for themselves the phenomenon of growing. They can keep it on the windowsill and watch in awe as the green shoot comes through followed by that glorious bright yellow come spring (March/April). It will certainly brighten up the kitchen too.

Our handmade, natural, organic coir pots are perfect for planting daffodil bulbs in.

Rather than using plastic pots, our coir pots come from a totally-sustainable source - the husk of the coconut, a waste product from coconut farms. All our pots are handmade by the ladies of a Sri Lankan village, giving trade to that community too.

Name the childs pot so they have ownership of the growing process.

Name the child's pot so they have ownership of it throughout the growing process.

The best thing about them is that they can be planted straight into the ground when you choose too, allowing the daffodils to grow year-after-year. This does not disturb the roots of the plant and the pot will naturally biodegrade in the soil. Mark the spot in the garden where you plant the daffodil and see if they remember come the following Springtime.

To make it even cooler for the kids choose our Coir Compost Discs to add to the Coir Pot. The compost expands as you add water to it - another great activity for the kids to do and see.

Your bulbs will need to be planted soon (from September-December) so we have given a 10% discount on our Coir Pots and Coir Compost Discs when you enter 'DAFFODILS' at the checkout.

Happy planting!

Rachel xx

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