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Growing with kids

After the fun and success of our Autumn growing activity 'Planting a Daffodil pot and all' with Number1Daycare we were delighted to be invited back for a Spring activity with the little ones.

Gina, the nursery owner, was keen to grow some vegetables with the children. We also wanted another plant that they could take home for their families.

We decided on Sunflowers. They are hugely popular to grow with children as the seed itself is large and the flower is so bright and iconic. They are deemed easy to grow and some of their heads can reach 20" in diameter.

Using NUGs coir compost discs, we added luke warm water and watched as they expanded. We also sprinkled in some NUGs organic fertilisers; Neem & Seaweed. All of which are completely natural and sustainable and totally safe for children to handle.

We did the same for the peas, another big and easy seed for the children to handle.

The adults then finished off by planting some of the tiny tomato and pepper seeds, which the children can nurture once thy start to germinate.

All of these plants will be kept at the nursery, where the children will see them everyday and watch them grow. They will help out with watering and talk about them with their teachers.

Once the sunflowers are a certain height they will be give to the children to take home and look after with their families. As we grow them in coir pots they can simply be planted the whole thing pot and all either into a suitable bigger pot or the ground. The pot will naturally biodegrade into the soil causing no root shock to the plant 😊.

Happy growing.

If you would like NUGs to come into your nursery, school or even if you have a group of friends with kids (NCT group etc) give us a holler at

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