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Plot 6B - Making Raised Beds

Who would have thought making raised beds from scratch would bring such enjoyment? I think it must be the 'making stuff' endorphin. Just like gym go-ers or runners get. I now get my kicks from being outdoors, making stuff.

Trained by Michael, who's a pro at making most things, from gardens, kitchens to music. My hammering nail skills have improved no end and would you believe I had never even picked up a saw before making these beds.

A recent study published declared that Gardening was the best way to keep in shape, mainly because you're more likely to stick to it. Well a few hours of sawing, hammering and shovelling was one of the best workouts I ever had.

We begged, borrowed and stole pieces of wood to make the beds, or if you prefer - we upcycled. Although it meant the long beds took a little longer as there were potentially more pieces to fit together. The result is an eclectic feel which we believe adds character to the plot.

We felt so proud of our raised beds, standing back and admiring them over a hot cuppa from the flask. Now all that's left is to fill them - eeeeeeek!

If you would rather your raised beds came in just four pieces that bolted together made from FCS approved wood, then we have the answer right here; Our raised bed kits are 150 cm square, 30 cm high and the timber is 3 cm wide.

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