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Host a NUGs Show & Grow Party

Hot off the press: we have launched 'NUGs Show & Grow Parties'.

As a mum, I find having any kind of 'me time' very precious and spending kid-free time with others adults really invigorates me. I am certain that having a catch up and a giggle over a glass of bubbles (alcoholic or not) is good for your health and wellbeing. It has to be.

Modern life and technology seems to be effecting our social lives. Yes we can connect with anybody from around the world remotely but sometimes we don't give ourselves actual face to face time with our friends or our communities.

Well, we love any excuse to get our friends together and with all this in mind we came up with our parties.

What is a NUGs Show & Grow Party? A bit like a Tuppaware/ Ann summers party but without the plastic and with cucumbers 😂

Including a demonstration of the NUGs Organic Potting Kit, a gift for the host, freebies for your guest, competitions and discounts.

It's simple to host a party,

Step 1 - Invite your friends over. They do not have to be green fingered goddesses. Most people at this time of year at least take an interest in their garden. They may have kids that they want to encourage getting outdoors in the garden. They may have a friend or relative who loves gardening and can find the perfect gift. We find 6 to 12 people is a good number depending on your space but don't forget to invite more as not everyone you invite will be able to make it.

We provide an e-invite for you.

Step 2 - Timing

What works best for you and your group of friends? You can host a party at any time of the day. It might be a mid-morning coffee & cake after friends have dropped kids off at school/ nursery. Or in the evening when you can unwind with a glass of wine if you wish. During the week or at the weekends.

Step 3 - Research

Take a look at the NUGs website and products and ask your friends to do the same. There might be an item they particular want to look at or take home the same day. They may want gardening tips on a particular topic - let NUGs know in advance.

Step 4 - Refreshments

Offer refreshments to your guests, enjoy playing the host. Making your guests relaxed and at ease will make the party go with swing. A glass of wine, tea/coffee and perhaps a few nibbles. You do not need to do a Nigella.

As a thank you for hosting the party hosts receive a free gift on the day plus 15% personal discount on products you buy for up to one week after your party. If orders from your party exceed £150 you will also receive a £10 gift voucher off purchases thereafter (valid for 3 months).

There is absolutely no pressure to buy. One of our missions is to spread the gardening love around like mud. As long as your friends have fun and we've sprinkled a little gardening dust we're happy.

At the moment the NUGs parties are available in South London and the surrounding area and Newbury. Do get in touch to see if we can come to you;

Hope to see you soon!


Rachel xx

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