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Mini Yoga & Gardening

We were delighted to join Naomi and the Mini Yogis on this years Summer Camps. We love Yoga too, almost as much as we love gardening and we definitely love helping to spread the word on Yoga for kids. Promoting a positive and healthy awareness of the body and mind.

Rachel, Naomi and our mini yogis/ gardeners

Having been along to Naomi's yoga for kids classes we knew a partnership would work well. There is a good synergy with organic gardening and yoga. As a Mum to a 2 year old I am keen to teach her Yoga and practice together as she grows up. I took pregnancy yoga classes with Hermione in my tummy. Together we did Mum & Baby yoga from about 12 weeks old so mini-yoga is naturally the next step.

Naomi's classes and Summer Camps take kids on an adventure, Encouraging creative thought and imagination they fully participate in the fun stories, both verbally and physically.

The mini yogis who attended the Summer Camps also took part in our growing activity. We are all about organic gardening, Therefore there wasn't a plastic pot in sight. The children discovered that our pots are grown in Sri Lanka and actually come from the husk of a coconut! They are a little bit fluffy and the best thing is they naturally biodegrade in the soil, when your plant is ready to be put into the ground or a bigger pot.

We also use coconuts to create our compost. Each child on the camp 'grew' their own compost. By adding some luke warm water to our coir compost discs (and a little bit of organic gardening magic) the discs grow in size to fill the pot.

We then used another natural and sustainable resource - seaweed granules. Each child sprinkled some into their pot to act as an organic fertiliser. Helping the plant to grow and giving it the best organic start in life.

Finally we poked our finger into the compost to make hole and added our seeds. Some of our mini gardeners grew 'Beans' and the others grew 'Rainbow Chard'. We love to encourage growing your own vegetables and think its hugely important that children know how their food is made (and that it doesn't just come from the supermarket). Now all that's left is for them to nurture their plants at home as they turn into seedlings. Don't forget when they are ready to be planted on - either to a bigger pot or straight into the ground - you don't need to remove the plant from the pot just plant the whole thing pot and all!

French Beans

(Climbing variety)

French beans are delicious and easy to grow in small gardens. They make great finger food for children, and are ideal for anyone who doesn’t like the ‘stringy’ bits in runner beans! A few plants will reward you with a reliable crop. These need a support to climb up.

Rainbow Chard

(Swiss Chard - Bright Lights)

Easy to grow and fun for kids as the stems are brightly coloured. This plant is packed full of nutrients and goodness. Rich in fibre, pro-vitamin A, vitamins C & K. Perfect for salads or steaming. The mild-flavoured stems are ready to use within only 60 days of sowing.

If you have any quesitons on the Camps/ Classes or how to grow your own vegetables/ fruits/ flowers from seed do get in touch We are happy to help and to see more people gardening at home with their children.

Check out Naomi and Mini Yoga Wandsworth -

Until next time...

Happy growing!

Rachel xxx

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