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Relocation, relocation, relocation

We've moved!!! After many, many happy, fun and exciting years in London NUGs, my family and I have relocated to Worcestershire.

Don't worry. We're still Natural Urban Gardeners, having relocated just a couple of minutes walk from the beautiful city of Worcester. We will still be blogging about our gardening journey and what we're up, and we'll still be bringing you organic products and gardening gifts we love.

Pyracantha (Firethorn) on the front of the our new home

It all happened rather quickly. The summer had come to an end, we were cosying up for Autumn with conkers, crispy leaves and warm cocoa and then whoooooosh we were moving. It was only a matter of time as we outgrew our two bed flat in the big city. We went with the flow and embraced it.

The hardest part? Of course it was leaving behind the garden. The garden which we had started from scratch as a blank canvas and was now organically, in more ways than one, taking shape and establishing itself. The main room in our flat had a whole wall of bi-fold doors, so when you walked into that room it was like you were in the garden too. The garden was a huge part of our home and the reason we bought that particular flat, with garden space being a rarity in London. Our flat had been where I'd started NUGs and built it up with the local community, getting involved with the Nursery schools, primary schools, allotment and local theatre. It was hard to say goodbye.

Fast forward two months and we are loving our new adventure. With a new city and surrounding area to explore, and a much bigger garden which in itself is a huge project. .

Moving at the end of Autumn start of Winter is a lovely time of year, in fact I woke up on my birthday morning in my new home which was quite exciting. As the seasons change there is new energy and sense of new hope. We have stairs and a dining room and a spare room! Hermione has settled into her new Nursery which is a lovely walk away. Scrumpy is quite at home (he's a very adaptable cat) enjoying the top of the stairs to keep a watch over things and sneaking off in the night for adventures outside. We are looking forward to our first Christmas here and are hoping to get it all cosy just in time. Then there is the delightful expectation of a brand new year to come... I am looking forward to getting out in the garden, to get growing again and to grow NUGs too. I am looking forward to becoming part of new community and meeting new people and spreading the organic gardening love around like muck.

Lots of love


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