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Scatter Seedballs this Spring

We are so thrilled to be partnering with Project Maya as one of their stockists for the award winning product Seedball. Committed to growing a brighter future founders Dr. Ana Attlee and Dr. Emily Lambert are entrepreneurial scientists who stumbled across an ancient technique of seed propagation while researching sustainable land management practices.

Join them and us in the Wildflower Revolution and help save the bees and butterflies, teach your little ones how to get growing and brighten up an area of your garden, patio or balcony.

Along with ticking our favourite sustainability boxes, being peat-free, environmentally friendly and encouraging wildlife they are also so simple to use - another big tick. We love encouraging people to get growing, even if they think they're not very good at gardening and haven't got a 'green' finger on either hand. With Seedball it's all about simply scattering.


The seedball has a protective casing of clay to prevent common seed predators from getting to the seeds during the initial crucial stages. All you need to do is scatter them on top of soil or compost. The seeds begin to germinate when sufficient rain permeates the clay - helped along by the nutrients & minerals contained within the ball.

The Chilli helps to deter slugs and ants while the seed ball slowly degrades and the seeds sprout. Sprouts should be seen from 2-6 weeks (1-2 weeks for herbs and salad mixes) and regular watering will speed up this process.

The Bee and Butterfly Mixes are hugely popular and often used together along with the Urban Meadow and we are big fans of the edible ranges; The Herb and Salad mixes along with the Tea Mix. New for this spring is the Shade Mix - a mix of British native wildflowers that are ideal for shadier gardens and balconies, problem areas we all face. Check out the full range in the NUGs Shop under Wildlife.

Our stock has arrived just in time for Mother's Day a perfect gift for wildlife lovers, non-expert gardeners, children and getting into grow-your-own.

We've just scattered our Tea Mix in one of our Coir Pots and will be covering it's progress in another blogpost.

Happy Growing and Happy Mother's Day to all the fab mums out there!

Rachel xx

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